We are jumping into the season feet first!

At some point, I said to myself, “Why don’t we have a winter farmer’s market?” It seemed crazy to me that the plethora of local foods that can be consumed in the Winter were lost to us. Of course we can go and track down storage produce, baked goods, meats, etc from all the different famers, but this involves a lot of legwork.

A community should always have a communal spot to acquire local food and other locally produced items from as many vendors as are able to sell their wares. So that is what this whole Winter Farmer’s Market this is all about.

When I say to people that I have not eaten out of season in over a year, they are baffled by the prospect of finding food in January, February, and March. There are in fact vegetables that last through the Winter! Hardy squashes, onions, garlic, the bulbous and slightly frightening celariac, beets, carrots, and potatoes. Even our Summer favorites can be preserved for use in the Winter. It’s not less nutritious or more time consuming, it only takes a little planning. There are those of us and handle that planning. Come and join us for Winter’s bounty!

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